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Anyway, let’s get back to business.

Rachael Yamagata EP
Rachael Yamagata EP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or for me, this is actually fun because I am able to talk about my top 10 indie love songs for all the hipsters out there to feast on. Okay, maybe not necessarily feast on but definitely these songs are worth the hype.  I’ve stumbled upon one-too-many sites that proposed the most amazing songs and definitely had the WORST brief explanations I had ever seen. As a musician, I would love to see my song(s) briefly explained to the cyber media masses in even an adequate way, if possible.

Skinny Love
Skinny Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nevertheless, lessons are to be learned from those dry definitions.

By dry definitions, I mean the fact that people actually define love with these ten songs and is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Some sites were actually bombastic with their writing as well, like they knew what the reader wanted from the list. You see, what I learned from my extensive research of these songs is that Indie music is ever-changing and never sounds the same. Maybe the guitar has the same plucking pattern or the harmonies are tri-toned like others; however, the lyrics are what actually matter within the song—and since I am also a writer, that sounded good to me from the very moment I listened to this type of genre.

(Hmm.. I really do hope Bon Iver reads this one day)

So, without further ado, here are my current favorite indie love songs (I say current because I listen to a gargantuan amount of songs everyday, and of course, there are always new songs to be loved):

1. “Skinny Love”- Bon Iver

I really don’t appreciate how this has gone viral over the Internet ever since Birdy made a rendition. Oh well. More traffic for Bon Iver never hurt anyone. Anyway, when I first listened to this, I was a love-struck freshman and only started to delve into Indie music. I had no idea who this dude was nor did I know how he sang. To tell you the truth, I thank God for Pandora because if it hadn’t played the infamous guitar intro, I would not be the same musician I am today. His raspy voice is, in my opinion, a cross between John Mayer’s whining and James Morrison’s rough voice. And can you dig that falsetto? I know I can.

2. “Hotel Chelsea Nights”- Ryan Adams

Okay, maybe not a lovey-dovey song, but still a very indie one. Mandy Moore’s husband can teach us a few things about love (and heartbreak) with his angst-y indie songs. I picked “Hotel Chelsea Nights” because of its lethargic guitar playing and the dragging of the drums. I also interpret the song as two exes that haven’t seen each other for awhile and the boy realizing what he has done and that he is “..tired of living in a (this) hotel” and just want to go back to those “Chelsea Nights.” Gorgeous and hopeful.

3. “Heavyweight” – Rachael Yamagata

Her third album, Chesapeake, was Yamagata’s way of pulling away from her piano-filled, string quartet background, emotional-appeals-in-every-single-line-of-the-song and going into a lighter approach to things. Maybe something amazing had happened to her because her music did not drastically change; however, a change was definitely heard. I was not really amazed as much as I was in, let’s say, her album Happenstance. I believe I’ve listened to that album more than I’ve read Harry Potter, Book 7. Anyway, when Heavyweight EP came out in 2012, I was ecstatic because this was the Rachael Yamagata that I love in a little EP! You should also check out “It’ll Do.” Heck, just log on to your Spotify account and listen to the whole album during those tea-with-romantic-movie-or-a-good-novel days. You won’t be disappointed.

Check this video out:

4. “Crash Into Me”- Dave Matthews Band

Sorry, I know it’s been seen many times in these lists and adding this could make me look like a hypocrite; however, the lines “I’m bare-boned and crazy for you” and “hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me” just get me every single time.

5. “Te Amo”- Trevor Hall

First reaction, no joke: What the hell is a white boy doing trying to sing a Spanish song?! Haha, I was proved wrong when I listened to this song for the very first time. His voice is smooth, just like Barry White but in Indie music. I don’t know a lot about Mr. Hall, but I sleep to his voice most nights.

6. “True love will find you in the end”- Richard Walters

The very first line claims what every person that has ever had a relationship and had to end it feels. I love how he sings, “Don’t decide, I know you will. Don’t give up, true love will find you in the end.” The eerie music that repeats in the background and the repetitive tambourine hits add up to the soulful yet solemn atmosphere of the song, and I believe adds to his very hopeful response to a heartbreak. I love this song, really. I’m really surprised it hasn’t gotten its pedestal on the Grey’s Anatomy indie soundtrack.

7. “Absolute Beginners”- Carla Bruni

A self-explanatory song, really. However, the then First Lady of France showcases her sultry and addictive voice in this song so well. Et si vous ne parlez pas le français, puis c’est ça. (And if you don’t speak French, then this is it). Catch her next album Little French Songs out on April 16, 2013.

8. “If Something’s Wrong”- Aidan Hawken

“We’ve been through it… You’re rising like the shining sun… It’s okay, babe, I’ll forgive you… I love you for whatever you’ve done”
Damn good boyfriend there. He’s obviously a keeper. This song is not only colloquial (obviously) but also has a very catchy melody that one can hum to.

My favorite line? “Just look at how far we’ve come.” I think I love this song so much is not the fact that it is just a simple love song but the fact that everyone can relate to this. Okay, crappy explanation. But this song just leaves me speechless.

9. “All alright”- Sigur Ros

Beautiful. Stunning. Elegant. A voice that creeps up the insides of my bones and doesn’t stop until I feel the song within me, outside of me, and eventually released into the world.

10. “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” – Ray LaMontagne

Listen to this when you’re heartbroken beyond a heart could ever be.
Listen to this when you’re in utter, ecstatic happiness.
Listen to this with your newborn child.
Listen to this when you’re in Paris, Rome, Manila, Tokyo, San Francisco.
Listen to this in the morning when your lover is asleep.

This melody should be euphonious to you either way.
Make it ubiquitous and spread the love.

I hope this has helped all readers (hopefully more than 33 now!) to expand their knowledge of indie love song repertoire.

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