I’ve always loved the idea of macro photography and seeing this photographer take her pictures with an iPhone 4s is a plus! Gorgeous.

Gracie Binoya Photography

Macro photography is one type of Photography that I really enjoy. It allows me to pay attention to the smallest detail of a subject. It provides an opportunity to focus on those tiny elements which are hardly seen by the naked eye. Admittedly though, using the iPhone for macro shot is tricky. Why? Because one cannot get too close to the subject without it being too blurry. One trick which I use often when taking macro shots using my iPhone is to walk as close as I can to my subject and slowly back up while keeping an eye on the screen to make sure my subject is sharp, so that the moment I see it in focus, I stop, count 1-2-3, hold my breath and then lightly tap (not stab) on the shutter. I find that by doing this, I get a much better chance of getting a decent…

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