Because I still love this playlist.
Also. Because procrastinating for a week listening to many indie love songs is heaven. Blog post soon.



As I’ve let all of my thirty-three readers (woohoo!) know, I perform quite a lot. Actually, I perform to the point where my fingers are completely blue from my guitar-playing and my voice is more raspy than indie siren Rachael Yamagata. **Note: If you guys haven’t read my “About” page, please do so! My blog posts will make so much more sense, and you will get to know a little bit more about yours truly. Thanks 🙂 **

Anyway, let’s get back to business.

Or for me, this is actually fun because I am able to talk about my top 10 indie love songs for all the hipsters out there to feast on. Okay, maybe not necessarily feast on but definitely these songs are worth the hype.  I’ve stumbled upon one-too-many sites that proposed the most amazing songs and definitely had the WORST brief explanations I had ever seen. As…

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