… in music. Because music is my passion, and everyone is constantly searching new songs on the Internet. So, here’s how this is going to work. I will post “The Next Big Thing”-themed playlists every week, on Sundays. These playlists will feature new songs that (I think) are going to be featured on radios like KIIS FM, Alice 97.3 (in the San Francisco Area), etc.. (Mainstream radios and alike.) I will start with songs that people want to work out to, dance to, drive to, etc.. I understand that each country in the world provides a different mainstream playlist; however, these songs account for their qualities and not their release dates. I get that the different release dates need to be taken account, but for these posts, I will go under the United States’ clockwork magic– Pacific Time.

After listening (because I know you will) :), please FLC (follow/like/comment) on what you think!


1. Same Thing- Jamie Cullum

Very catchy throughout the whole song. I enjoyed the percussion in the background, plus at around 2:50 of the song, eerie laser sounds shoot through the speakers, as if to mimic  the majority of the Depeche Mode’s songs.

2. Bang Bang- will.i.am.

When I first heard this on The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack, I thought it was not will.i.am but someone else. The intro is impeccable and very 1920s-like, and the drop that follows is as unexpected as Leo DiCaprio’s shy and awkward scene with Carey Mulligan in Nick Carroway’s (Tobey McGuire’s) small cottage.

3. Made to Love- John Legend

This is also catchy, however, if you want the R&B John Legend who sang “Ordinary People”, this isn’t the song for you.

So High (song)
So High (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Really Don’t Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)- Demi Lovato

The whole song leans toward the powerhouse singer’s Disney-day sound. In my opinion, this is the perfect summer song for teenage girls and 20-something women. Plus, Cher Lloyd’s cute British accent is the cherry on top to this song.

5. We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus

Okay. The music video reminded me of a Disney girl’s desperate attempt at “growing up”… oh wait, it was. The disgusting twerk sequence with the other girls and the slapping of the asses was enough for me to close the browser and leave the room. I contemplated on whether I should listen to Jeff Buckley or M. Ward to cleanse my palate— I ended up with the So Real album by Buckley. Despite the ghastly video, I really think this song is very catchy and a lot better than “Party in the USA.”

Favorite line: “Forget the haters cuz’ somebody loves you.”

– N.A.