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Due to popular demand, these indie love song posts are going to be shared regularly. I had no idea how many hipsters were out there. If you’re a hipster, here’s a fist bump. You’re cooler and more beautiful than you think. Don’t forget FLC (follow, like, and comment!). Merci beaucoup, vous etes tres bien.

 1. Crawl After You- M. Ward

The opening piano sequence caught my ears instantly. This was my introduction to M. Ward’s sultry and rugged voice and boy did I get reeled in (excuse the cliche). The lines “well should I stay here on this bus stop bench, so strange to see you after all these years” grabbed my attention because it reminded me of two ex-lovers being introduced to each other for the first time— which was extremely euphonious to my ears.

2. Wake Me Up- Ed Sheeran 

A  little mainstream, but to tell you the truth, this song for me does not have the drastic mainstream appeal that One Direction’s “Little Things” has. The lines are simple, a boy singing to a girl, as if serenading her to bed (sleep or otherwise). All I know is that if I were to be woken up to this song, I would reciprocate the boy’s feelings most amicably.

Favorite line: “And I know you love Shrek because we’ve watched it 12 times.”

3. Wicked Game- James Vincent McMorrow

Originally sung by Chris Isaak, McMorrow’s version was the best out of all  wannabe covers, in my humble opinion. If you are unfamiliar with McMorrow’s style and voice, then trust me, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. He is Disneyland, Christmas morning, and a cup of Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy Tea all in one. Yum.

4. Charlie Boy- The Lumineers

They got me with this line: “Don’t hang your head, love should make you feel good.” The End.

5. The Girl (Acoustic Version)- City and Colour

My, my, my. To the guys and girls reading this: your girl will be impeccably and gloriously happy if you get the chance to play this song to her. Or if you don’t have the uncanny ability with using your fingers and plucking a six-string, simply play it to her before she sleeps, during a car ride, while you’re having a date, or just sing a couple of lines.

You may thank me later in the comments section :).

6. Never Had- Oscar Isaac

I didn’t know that I would like another man in a  movie where Channing Tatum starred in. But I did, and it was because of this song. There is a sort of story line to this song in the movie 10 Years, in which a high school reunion takes place and presents how each character’s past high school experiences shaped them to what they are today. It is a movie worth checking out on Netflix, especially if you are a chick flick type of person. Trust me.

7. Cannonball- Damien Rice

Just shoot me please, if you see me down the street. My voice teacher only recently introduced me to this amazing song, and I felt really, really oblivious. Ugh. But anyway, the chorus is catchy as hell, but not in the Icona-Pop-way, but through his heartfelt and true words.

8. Higher Love- James Vincent McMorrow

Seriously, you need to listen to him.

9. Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low- James Vincent McMorrow

Have I emphasized this enough? Get on Spotify NOW.

10. We Don’t Eat (Acoustic Version)- James Vincent McMorrow

Sorry. Just can’t get enough of James.

James Vincent McMorrow- Mon 10 October 2011 -0391
James Vincent McMorrow- Mon 10 October 2011 -0391 (Photo credit: The Queen’s Hall)

Thanks for reading, I know how sarcastic and neurotic I can get. Haha :P. But seriously, you’re awesome and don’t forget that :). And Don’t forget to FLC!

– N.A. <3.