Hey guys! Pardon the pun, but this is actually going to be a quick post. :P. I have some errands to run in about fifteen minutes, so I have to do this fast.


Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s’ Kettle Corn? Yes? NO? If you have, then I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you to purchase it again. If not, then you have got to. It is the perfect snack. Packed with fiber and that sweet sugar coat, nothing gets as healthier and as tasty. For the health freaks  buffs out there, for every 2 cups, there are only 130 calories. Oh. And it’s totally gluten-free. Because of how healthy it is, melting chocolate on top of the popcorn could also be a great date snack. I’m just saying ;).

photo (15)

Anyway, I have to go. The world is waiting. Have a great dinner everyone!