Some of these songs are so indie that the lyrics aren’t even online. :**

Hope you enjoy, and relish that hipster-ness of yours.


1. I Hurt Too- Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig in concert
Katie Herzig in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an ocean sits right between us/There is no sign that we’ll ever cross/You should know now that I feel the loss/I hurt too, I hurt too

2. La Luna- Lucy Schwartz

And if you’re cheek to cheek/ Dancing not on the street/And he sweeps you off your feet/ Sing la luna

3. I Love The Rain The Most- Joe Purdy

I think you’ve had a little too much too drink/Let me help with that/Don’t forget to tie the boat up/
Not that way, no it’s a figure eight, yeah/Yeah when it stops

4. You Said You’d Grow Old With Me- Michael Schulte

Didn’t say goodbye/ now i’m frozen in time getting colder/ one less word one less moment/ to ask you why you left me here behind /you said you’d grow old with me

5. In These Arms- The Swell Season

Use your saints/ And your mantra/ And your things to keep you calm/ If you stay with that asshole/
He’s gonna do you harm

6. The Wolves (Act I and II)- Bon Iver

And the story’s all over you/ In the morning i’ll call you/Can’t you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue

7. See You Soon- Coldplay

In a bulletproof vest/ With the windows all closed/ Well I’ll be doing my best/ And I’ll see you soon

8. Slow Dancing- U2, Willie Nelson, Mickey Raphael

And I don’t know why a man/ Search for himself in his lover’s eyes/ No I don’t know why a man/
Sees the truth but needs the lie

9. Only The Songs That We Knew- Joe Purdy

And oh,/ Sweet Samantha dear, I know it’s been so many years/ And I hope that they have been kind, my friend/ Oh, I think about you now and then

10. If I Had You- Joe Purdy

If I was young I would go back/ & pick you up against your will/ Take you with me everywhere that I go/
If I had you I’d give money & all the love that you could hold/ & every morning we’d go dancing/
If I had you I would be gold


Nathalie Apple