Hey guys! I apologize for not having posted anything lately; it’s just things have been getting a bit busy around here, especially due to the fact that I’m going to lose my v-card to Seattle in a day and pay a visit to the Emerald City for the first time ever. 🙂  Anyway, here’s an interesting story for you.

Katey Laurel, black and white.  Photo courtesy of http://www.kickstarter.com

Remember when Stevie Nicks first came out with Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”?  Remember how her voice soared through those cheap speakerphones your dad had just installed in your car? Well, I am pleased to announce that I have found a similar voice. Katey Laurel, a gorgeous singer/songwriter, wrote me a week ago on my Facebook page and asked if I could feature her on my blog. I took a turn on my turntable (so Spotify, it was) and searched her up and simply listened to her EP. My first reaction was that her voice was of a mixture between twang, folk, and Sarah McLachlan, and it was very unique and eerie. I have to warn you, of course, that her music is very radio-material yet her voice is like The Smiths’ music— you have to keep listening to it to understand it and revel in its simple beauty. To say it bluntly, this bombshell of a musician’s voice is an acquired taste, like beer or wine. And luckily for her, beer and wine are a lot more likable than whiskey or moonshine.I had my share of research and have since found out that Katey has accomplished many things, including being on tour and winning the Walnut Valley Festival’s New Song portion of the competition. She has also been a finalist in the Tucson Folk Festival, Texaco Country Showdown Southwest, and more impressively, the Nine West “Vintage Voice of America” Festival.

Of course, due to my naturally inquisitive nature, I asked Katey a couple of questions to bring this article into full-circle.


1. If you can describe your music in a phrase, what would it be?

Intelligent and lyrical musings about life, love and other such things.  🙂  Does that blow my own horn enough?

2. Tell us about yourself and how you started playing the guitar and singing. Are you usually stationed in one city or do you tour around and live out of a suitcase like most singer/songwriters?

I got started playing piano when I was 6 years old, French horn when I was 10 (which I studied for 15 years to the tune of a Bachelor of Music Performance), and guitar when I was 18.  I wrote poetry forever but didn’t really get serious about writing songs until I was in my early twenties.  I decided to become an artist and do whatever it took to follow this dream after seeing Over The Rhine perform their legendary Christmas show at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati in 2003 along with Irish singer/songwriter Susan Enan and alt-rocker Pedro the Lion.  Unfortunately, my journey isn’t quite as glamorous as touring around living out of a suitcase…I mostly live in one place (Denver, Colorado), play regionally and book shows in towns where I’m headed for conferences, recording records or meeting with music biz folks on occasion (Nashville, LA, NYC).  It hasn’t made financial sense to tour yet and back when I attempted it, I was 24 and a lot less wise about these things.  🙂

3. Who do you look up to, music-wise?

I love so many artists…definitely some of my favorites are Over The Rhine, Alpha Rev, Death Cab for Cutie, Keith Urban and Sarah McLachlan.  I really admire Ingrid Michaelson and Katie Herzig for their amazing independent journeys.

4. Out of all your songs, I enjoyed “My Funny Boy” the most because it reminded me of Diana Krall’s raspy, sultry voice. What inspired you to share this song with your fans?

(laughs).  It’s a little out of the ordinary, isn’t it?  I actually can’t take credit for choosing it – I sent a healthy dose of song options from my catalog over the previous few years to Neilson (Hubbard) when we set out to produce the EP back in 2010 and he said it was a definite.  I think it’s the one and only “musical/showtune” sounding composition I’ve ever written…I have a number of other styles including Americana, Roots and Pop Country in the catalog (I pitch to other artists quite frequently) but no jazz show tunes!  I think it’s such a sweet little intimate thing.

5. A lot of people do not understand how musicians stay fit on the road. What are some healthy things you do to stay fit?

I stay pretty active most of the time except when I’m releasing a record (how many hours can one actually put in on a computer every day??)  I love fresh foods, especially fruits and veggies and try to cook as often as I can at home.  Drink LOTS of water (I come from the high altitude where it’s easy to get dehydrated).  Also, a healthy mindset and spiritual life (in my case, prayer and open communication with God) is key to staying at the top of my game.

And because you guys are all awesome, Katey has decided to give free downloads of her EP, From Here, to all my readers. 😀 Click here for the download. Am I the only one excited? Go click on it!

Also, please listen to her gorgeous songs on Soundcloud and be sure to subscribe and check her out on YouTube.

And if you haven’t gotten enough of Katey Laurel, this is one of my favorites of hers: “Everything I Love”

Catch Katey if you live around the Denver, CO area! Here is a list of her upcoming gigs: click.

As always, keep your dreams alive, inspire others through your own perseverance, and remember that who you are is not where you’ve been.