Hello, indie hipsters! I hope y’all had a very good day; I know I did. These are just five songs that I’m currently in love with right now, and I hope you guys check them out! It’s like when you have book boyfriends, these songs act as song boyfriends, if that makes any sense whatsoever :P. I apologize for my antics;  it is a wee bit late over here in California and I’m a bit tired.

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Blue Skies (Noah and the Whale song)
Blue Skies (Noah and the Whale song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. Blue Skies- Noah and the Whale 

This is possibly the best breakup song in the history of mankind. This may be an overstatement, however, I am currently in love with the first line of the second verse: “This is the last song that I’ll write while still in love with you.” OUCH. The juxtaposition of pessimism and optimism of this song is beyond my songwriting skills, and I think the contradicting tones of loneliness and moving on are somehow refreshing. There are many songs out there that either focus on the negative outlook after a breakup or a positive one. I think this is the perfect combination.

Cover of "Swell Season (Dig)"
Cover of Swell Season (Dig)

2. Low Rising- The Swell Season 

If  you are a daily reader, then you know that sultry, ragged voices are my kryptonite. Aside from blue eyes, this weakness of mine is hard to contain and when mixed with Jeff Buckley-like guitar licks and riffs as well as a husky voice— well, let’s just say, thank heavens for the movie Once for discovering Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

3. Masaya- Bamboo 

Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: Bamboo Live! by Roxanne Nebres)

This is my very first Filipino song for my playlists, and I’m really pestering myself for not having posted some sooner. However, I’m really picky with my songs and this one was the one that made the cut. Masaya, in English, simply means happy. The story behind this song is how love engulfs you in its entirety and how it doesn’t matter whether you’re a drunk or a rockstar; it only matters how love affects you, whether negatively or positively. Bamboo, by the way, was a rock band in the Philippines led by a Filipino-American named Bamboo Manalac. He is currently a judge in the Philippines’ take on The Voice, dubbed The Voice of the Philippines. Click here for the video of the song.

4. Always You- Ingrid Michaelson

One of Ms. Michaelson’s underrated songs, “Always You” is a euphonious, short piece of music that enlightens winter mornings. I have opened the windows and let the rain fall on my carpet floor while I drink a cup of tea to this song. It is that relaxing and simply beautiful.

Maybe (Ingrid Michaelson song)
Maybe (Ingrid Michaelson song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Manhattan- Sara Bareilles

This woman has done it again. I swear to goodness gracious her songs “Gravity”, “Between the Lines”, “Bluebird” and “City” all have made me shed a tear. Or two. Or to infinity and beyond.

 I first listened to Careful Confessions, back when Sara was completely indie and just came out of Eureka, CA and immersed herself in a pool of Los Angeles piranhas. She was obviously the big fish out of all due to her pop-infused songs like “Gonna Get Over You” and “Love Song” to be widely successful.

However, I’m the type of girl that looks for the slow songs first on an album. This is one of them. And this is the type of song you listen to during the wee hours of the night, reminiscing on the one that got away. It’s very heartbreaking and truthfully more painful than the breakup itself because of the memories that she portrays within the second verse. I’m a sucker for live versions, and here’s a good one: click.

Love Song (Sara Bareilles song)
Love Song (Sara Bareilles song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I apologize for not having 10 songs for this week! I can’t seem to find others that suit my interests right now. Maybe it’s just me being picky. -_-.

Have a great night! Let me catch some zzz’s too 🙂