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And for that, I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine: I have a huge crush on Steven Tyler, which leads me to what this blog post is really about.

I’ve always loved classic rock. I mean being the indie girl that I am, you must think that there is a sort of grunge-y background in there somewhere and this is it. 🙂 I hope I don’t anger my readers with some of the songs. I know how kids from the 80’s were die-hard fans. Trust me, I know.

But anyways, on to the classics we go!


1. November Rain- Guns n’ Roses

I really like the original music video. I love the cheesiness. And do I really need to establish that Slash’s never-ending guitar solo in the end is what sold the song to me in the first place?

2. Hysteria- Def Leppard 

English: RICK ALLEN with DEF LEPPARD Live in W...
English: RICK ALLEN with DEF LEPPARD Live in Winnipeg, MB on August 13, 2008 Photo by Matt Becker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This song, this song, this song. The lead guitarist for my band introduced me to Def Leppard, and this was the first song I had heard from them. The catchy introduction got me hooked and learning that the drummer, Rick Allen, was physically handicapped really impressed me. This band is supremely awesome.

3. Always- Bon Jovi

Miracle (Jon Bon Jovi song)
Miracle (Jon Bon Jovi song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched them live only recently, and honestly, Jon Bon Jovi is still hot as hell. This song has beautiful lyrics, and I often listen to the acoustic version more than the original.

4. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison

Whenever I think of this song, I don’t think of the lyrics but the introduction. It reminds me of sitting in the middle of the sandy beaches of Hawaii and seeing thirty-something men walking around with Hawaiian shirts. Very relaxing, yet still filled with Morrison’s rugged voice.

5. Carry on Wayward Son- Kansas

Don’t you cry no more. God, I heard this as the theme song for the fictional television series, Supernatural, and I loved it then and there. It reminds me of the golden fields of Kansas and how farmers work harder than anyone and how they are stronger than we think, though not as educated as a, let’s say, Harvard frat boy.

6. Ragged Doll- Aerosmith

I love taking a run in the middle of nowhere to this song because I can air-guitar without anyone seeing me as a seemingly unattractive lunatic.

7. Time After Time- Cindy Lauper

Does this count as rock? I hope so. Though there have been an abundance of covers for this song (some good, some bad), the original is still my favorite. It’s the perfect mix of sweet notes ringing through a catchy percussion background.

8. Vienna- Billy Joel

This is one of my favorite songs of all time because of how the slow lyrics try to catch up to the rhythmic background. I think it correlates nicely with the meaning of the first line: “Slow done, you crazy child”— slowing down the thoughts in our heads and listening to what we have to say in order to understand who we really are in this life we are given.

9.Romeo and Juliet- Dire Straits

Brandon Flowers did an awesome job with covering this song; however, the rugged voice  of Mark Knopfler and the faster-paced original version is a favorite of mine. Also, I totally love the video. It cracks me up to the point where I can’t take the cheesiness anymore.

10. Walk This Way- Aerosmith 

Aerosmith - Steven_Tyler
Aerosmith – Steven_Tyler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That flippin’ introduction. Dude. Freakin’. WOW.  I apologize for my illiterate response here, but this song just gets my panties in a bunch. Talk about air-guitar with that funny little dance. Add multiple hair flips here and there and you’re in  for the best performance you’ll ever see in your life.

So, I hope you liked this different playlist. I know I’m all for indie, but music is my passion so I try to dig in deeper in its history. Remember to share these playlists with your friends, your girlfriend, your husband, your family, or keep it to yourself! Like and comment below? Thanks!