This beautiful spectacle of a place appeared while I was strolling the corner of Pike Street and was completely famished from the road trip. I noticed that downtown Seattle rarely displayed fast food chains like McDonald’s and that the city’s organic mindset infiltrated its entirety.

Back when I traveled to Washington D.C., I also saw Potbelly Sandwich Shop branches, so I figured that it wasn’t local.

Anyway, as the avid foodie that I am, I asked the manager what his favorite sandwich was. Being the grown man that he was, I guessed that he would say a roast beef sandwich with extra mayo. I was completely wrong. He told me to order a tuna sandwich with Nueske bacon with extra lettuce and peppers.  My first reaction was that I refused to order due to the fact that I hate tuna sandwiches. 

Well, speculation aside, I figured I was in Seattle for only a couple of days and might as well spend my eight dollars on something that may possibly be the worst decision ever or the best.

Thank God it was the best decision a hungry human being could ever make. 


I really enjoyed the stamp, so I had to take a picture. Here is the yummy sandwich:


The tuna was spectacular, soft and not at all fishy. The bacon was crispy and perfectly salty and collaborated very well with the tuna. My most favorite part, however, was the artisan bread. Warm and filling all at the same time, this crunchy masterpiece hit all the right notes. Potbelly Sandwich, get in my tummy. 🙂

I hope all you foodies out there stay adventurous! You never know what you’ll discover.