The absence of my writing (I hope) has been felt by my tingling arthritic fingers— therefore, I thought it was time for another list of my favorite songs. 

The absence of my favorite covers on Youtube due to copyright infringement laws has been pissing me off lately. Seriously, I have learned through performing that every artist has his/her own rights to make a song the way they want it, so long as they wrote it or mention the songwriter of said song. DUH. It’s called artists’ rights. 

sorry for the tangent there, but I am just very disappointed that I can’t even listen to Tori Kelly, one of my favorite cover singers.

Well, first of, cover songs are known to be  sort of hit-or-miss types. Mostly on Youtube nowadays, cover songs consist of wannabe musicians that either do it for fun or do it for they actually think they can. Which brings me to my point. I STRONGLY DISLIKE the fact that people do this so frequently. 


So here it is, my top 10 favorite covers of all time. (so far). 


1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Ingrid Michaelson

Better than the Israel K. version, in my honest opinion. Click here to watch it sang live. 

2. In Your Eyes- Sara Bareilles

The first time I heard this amazing song, I thought it was Sara’s and not Peter Gabriel’s. Her piano playing is epic in this one

3. Wicked Game- James Vincent McMorrow

I added this song to one of my other Indie Song Articles, and I just had to use it again. I love me some James because of his husky yet out-of-this-world falsetto. See the article here! It would make me really happy :). 

4. PYT (Pretty Young Thing)- Tori Kelly

She. is. a. goddess. onstage. That. is. all.  

(Youtube, you better put her audio track back in this video, or I swear, I will give up on today’s music forever. Yes, it is that good.)

5. Toxic- Melanie Martinez

She auditioned on The Voice with this song, and I thought at first that it was an original– who would’ve thought this was a Britney Spears original? 

5. Let’s Stay Together- Maroon 5

Though not as sexy and smooth as the Al Green version, I believe the jazz-y feel was very suitable and very Adam Levine. Which I didn’t mind because, well, I love Adam.

6. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley


7. Free Fallin’– John Mayer

John Mayer’s infectious blues-y vibe is a blessing from the music gods above. Honestly, his guitar skills on Where the Light Is was just like going to a Louisiana cabaret, with an honest-to-God amazing guitar player and a thousand-or-so crowd. Oh. I forgot to say. And he can sing too. 

8. Romeo and Juliet- The Killers

This song always had a special meaning to my heart, and there was no way that I wouldn’t add it on this list. I think because of the guitar background and Brandon Flowers’ voice, it is a little bit better than the Dire Straits’ version. But don’t get me wrong, Dire Straits is still the bomb.

9. Love Is Blindness- Jack White

Thanks to the sort-of-new movie, The Great Gatsby, I officially fell in love with rock and jazz again. 

10. Creep- Carrie Manolakos

Just watch it. Really. Please.


Love you all for reading! 🙂 Keep dreaming and inspiring everyone around you! You’re awesome.