I would like to begin this blog post by apologizing to all my readers. I haven’t gotten myself to write for over two months not because of writer’s block, but only because of life getting ahead of me! It has been a rollercoaster so far, and the year is nearly ending, so I hope you guys cut me some slack ūüėČ Much love to everyone, and I hope you all enjoy this article about my very talented friend, Sage.

It’s the way the treble clef trembles under your touch, and the way ¬†the notes seem to mold together in a cosmic chasm underneath the black and white keys. Prior to graduating high school, Sage already had a knack for composing music. ¬†I would know because I’ve worked with him in a past musical project; ¬†Spamalot¬†to be exact. (Okay, so here’s a sidebar. I was a Laker Girl from that musical and Sage was Dennis-turned-Sir Galahad. It was so cool that we created a Spamalot Twerk Team.) ¬†So¬†anyway, it was not a surprise that I stumbled upon his first EP, Portcullis, on his Facebook page and was astounded at its complexity. It was as if I wasn’t listening to a teenager’s first EP, but a CD that was in the likes of Muse, Thom Yorke, and Radiohead (pre-The Bends). Due to my naturally curious nature, I had¬†to interview him, and, in all honesty, it was my pleasure to since he’s a pretty cool dude.

Sage The Great.

1. Pardon the cliche, but what made you start to write music?

Well while I was younger I had always thought about it. You know those fantasies of being in a rock band and all that. But it wasn’t until a friend of mine showed me FL Studio 5 years ago that I actually tried. We wrote a song together one day, and then I went home and got the program myself. I’ve been using it to write stuff ever since.

2. Aside from playing the piano, how many more instruments do you play? Out of all of these, what is your absolute favorite and why?

¬†I’ve gotten acquainted with Drums, Guitar, Bass, and recently singing. I don’t feel like I’m exceptionally good at any of them yet, but if I HAD to pick it’d probably be piano/keyboard. I’m just the most comfortable with it.

3. Your EP, “Portcullis” just came out! Tell us about it!

Ok! So well over a year ago, I started working on my second full length album titled “Distorted Locations”. I had a lot of goals for the album that, a year later, were still unfinished. So anyway me and my girlfriend went on a trip to Chicago this summer, and while I was there I took pictures of certain things (these became the album covers of different tracks on “Portcullis”). I started noticing a lot of trapped animals in museums, etc, and thought about the misconception of freedom. The only way I could think of writing about it was through song, and it was a miracle that I had all these ideas floating around. So, I decided that I would write a short EP about escapism when I got home, forget about finishing “Distorted Locations” for the time being, and just, you know, write something fresh. And, in a matter of less than two weeks, that successfully happened and became “Portcullis”.

4. In some parts of the album, I felt a Muse-like feel to the music. I enjoyed the electronic and alternative vibe that the album emits. Do you usually make this type of music, or was this a spur-of-the-moment type of thing?

¬†Thanks! I’d say “Portcullis” sounds different than my previous work. It’s in a direction that I’ve wanted to go in but never really tried to before. If you listen to my earlier stuff you might find hints of it here and there, but it’s all much more electronic, being that I make my music electronically. This time around I wanted to utilize that, but still have an alternative, almost shoegazey sound that felt more natural.

5. Do you plan on making albums like these in the future? If so, are they going to have the same New Wave-type of theme to them?

¬†That’s tough to answer. Yes, because writing music has become something of a habit now and I really love to do it and plan to continually do it. But no, because my next album, “Distorted Locations”, definitely has an overall different sound to it. It’s more hard hitting kind of stuff, inspired by a lot of post-rock and post-metal. But I don’t want to say it not like “Portcullis” because in many aspects it really is. The last track on “Portcullis” titled “Escape” is a good reflection of what my next album sounds like, but with lots of electronic and ambient vibes throughout as well. If all goes well, I’ll have “Distorted Locations” done and released before the end of the year. And if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to continue the pattern of releasing an 8 Bit EP in February, a summer EP, and a full length every year from now. However, music is a pleasure best when not forced, so we’ll have to see what happens!

Check out his EP, Portcullis, here.  His Facebook page is also available, so be sure to to click this and like his page to help a brotha out.

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