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Together We Rise: Twenty-Five Years of Empathy and Education

In Teach For America, we understand. We understand that having an education empowers human beings. We understand that for lower-income families, education is seen as the right way for your child to manifest his or her own destiny. We also understand your concerns as a parent. I assure you, we realize the socioeconomic factors that come into play within your child’s education. And I promise you, we are using these factors as a catalyst to their success.

However, I must say that we are doing much more than understanding you. We are creating dynamic programs for your child to thrive in an environment which nourishes as well as challenges them. We are pushing our boundaries as much as your child is pushing theirs. We are learning from them as much as they are learning from us.

How so?

We are recruiting more and more diverse corps members in order for your child to have a global perspective. During the 2014-2015 school year, more than 10,411 corps members and 37,000 TFA Alumni mentored our children. There is a growing diversity movement in America, and together we are teaching your child to be conscientious of this socio-cultural change.

TFA 2015 Corps Members Data

Teach For America is here to tailor your child’s education to a changing world.

We are continually training our corps members in the practices of a global-thinking classroom. Our 2015 cohort of corps members were 49% people of color, of which 20% were African-Americans and 15% Latinos. We are making the diversity of our corps members a priority as we continue to grow our nonprofit organization.

A 2013 study by Jason Irrizary and Morgaen Donaldson found that Latino corps members tended to remain teaching in a high-poverty school way beyond their 2-year commitment. Researchers say that our corps members were drastically motivated to “combat negative experiences they had as K-12 students.” 

We are not here to shield our students from the growing societal issues in the world, most especially poverty. We understand that adversity creates the invaluable strength our students naturally have. From my perspective, the achievement gap is solvable due to the fact that our corps members not only make an instructional impact on our students, but also an impact beyond the classroom.

Still not convinced?

We did a recap of our 2014-2015 academic year, and you can see it here

More importantly, we know that education will build our students’ characters and will motivate them to come out of the temporary adversities they are in right now. With the guidance of Teach For America supplemented with your child’s conviction, we are creating a new society of students who can compete with others globally due to their perseverance and education.

We understand you. We are here to help your children succeed locally, nationally, and globally.

Join us in this adventure, and let us push our boundaries as much as our children are pushing theirs. Together, we will help our children rise above all else through education.

With utmost sincerity,

Christine Bumatay

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