Expedia UK

Ad/PR Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

What is your personal reaction to the ad?

  • This advertisement caught my eye immediately. I laughed at its wittiness and enjoyed the simplicity of the message behind it. Personally, I thought this print ad was very funny, smart and sexy. It exuded a feeling of enjoyment, fun and sexiness — all three components of a fantastic vacation. The ad made me want to buy a plane ticket from Expedia and enjoy some sun, sea, sand and (if I get lucky) sex.

What do you think the main message is?

  • The main message of the advertisement is to draw in audiences to buy vacation tickets using Expedia UK. It appeals to pathos and the audiences’ drive to go on vacation. It takes sex as a bridge between the audience and the company. Sex is the common ground here, and the ad holds it accountable as it is the last word of the four words.

Identify the target audience/demographic.

  • The audience is vast: vacationers within the following generations: The Great Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, millennials. Perhaps the most targeted audience are the millennials due to the “sex” and “beach” factor within the ad. Many millennials often associate “sexy” vacations with the beach and the deed which comes with it.

What you think the persuasion objective is?

  • The persuasion objective is, again, the “sex” factor. Many people want to feel good and look good during a vacation and sex is the “feel good” factor. It is quite persuasive to buy a plane ticket in order to enjoy sun, sea, sand and sex — four components to the advertisement.

Why do you believe it was effective in achieving the objective?

  • I believe it was effective in achieving the objective due to the fact that it appealed to pathos and sex. Also, it was fun, smart and witty, which raises credibility with the company (that they can provide these types of services). Furthermore, it was effective due to its brevity; we live in a scrolling generation, and advertisements need stark visuals in order to reel in the viewer. In this case, the words were part of the visual, a successful relationship between two medium.