My brand mission is:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to empower ourselves by doing things that we love. We are passionate, we are dreamers and doers, we are the believers. We do not back down to any obstacle. We are strong and fierce. My brand mission to empower you, me, and the world through our passions and the sheer will to accomplish our dreams.

My audience is:

16+, Baby Boomers, Great Generation, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z  

What makes my personal brand unique:

My past experiences and life story. Adapting to a different environment quickly and efficiently is a second language to me.

What makes my personal brand compelling:

 My personal brand is compelling because it is derived from resilience and holds a place in the museum of stories reflecting upon achieving the American Dream.

My brand story is:

I grew up in a lower to middle-class suburb in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I immigrated to England and the U.S. shortly after due to my parents working overseas in order for my brother and I to have a better life. Adapting to different cultures and culture shocks became minutiae to my every day life. My family then settled down in Northern California, having to be immigrants at first and eventually becoming naturalized U.S. citizens. I moved out at 18 to move to Paris — only having to come back home to California. I am currently studying Public Relations at the University of Southern California. 

My brand is authentic to me because:

It is relatable to every immigrant who has ever dreamt of not only achieving the American Dream but breaking down boundaries and clichés on the way to becoming my brand. 

My brand is based on these personal strengths:

Resilience, Inclusivity, Fearlessness, Faith, Compassion. 

I want my brand to help me achieve:

Helping others to find, create, and solidify their personal voices and strengths through their experiences in hopes of becoming the person or brand they were always supposed to be.