1. Were the ads effective in persuading you?
  • Some ads were effective in persuading me to understand the message they were trying to convey of their company. I think that due to the recent controversies under Trump America, companies have tried to either be neutral about political matters. However, their audiences demand more from them and want people of their power to stand up to the recent presidential executive orders. For example, the lack of Nike commercials was shocking to me — especially for a sporting event. I also believe that most Super Bowl advertisements, for me, are purely comical (i.e. famous Doritos and Taco Bell commercials).

b ) Which brands stood out the most and why?

  • 84 Lumber and Audi’s commercials stood out to me due to the boldness of their advertisements. The concept that Trump is able to demean or even devalue a business through a Tweet is particularly terrifying, most especially for large businesses like Audi and 84 Lumber. Personally, I’ve never heard of the latter, but their commercial was the best one this year (in my humble opinion).

c) Which ones did you pay less attention to or ignore?

  • I ignored some of the Taco Bell commercials because they weren’t selling the product, but just the stupidity of the characters.

d ) Why do you think these brands chose a football game to advertise in? e) What surprised you?

  • I think they chose a football game to advertise in because of the millions of viewers which would then increase exposure knowledge of the brand and their products. The Mr. Clean commercials surprised me — only because they were unlike past commercials. I thought it was a bold (and funny) move for the company.

f ) Which brand was most successful and why?

– In my opinion, the 84 lumber advertisement was the most successful because it showed that empathy, compassion and love could really “trump” all. It presented a different side of illegal immigration that many Americans do not know of. It was really about time for a company to set their foot down on this issue and show what their products can do to help. I thought it was a bold and solid move for the company, and I would not be surprised if their stock prices or even ROI increases exponentially in the next few years.