The 1960s Creative Revolution was the start to the metamorphosis of the advertising world. Prior to this event, the advertising business was more often associated with manipulation, perhaps less known to audiences if compared with classic subjects like law, medicine or business. Writers and artists were rebellious with their approach to advertisements and spearheaded their ideas with confidence. Inevitably, successful advertising campaigns increased ROI and persuaded audiences to buy, buy, buy — and for the business world, these impressive figures were more than enough.

Art & Copy is a documentary film released in 2009 by director Doug Pray. It is about the U.S. advertising industry and the real-life Mad Men characters in the advertising world. Watching it allowed me to consider becoming an Art Director, even though I come from a Public Relations background — the content creation and strategy behind creating an ad campaign was truly remarkable and appealing. I had not realized how advertising changed and was influenced by culture’s growing acceptance of creativity as being part of the authentic American fabric.

Mary Wells Lawrence, Dan Wieden, Hal Riney, George Lois, and Lee Clow are only a few names taken out of a long list of advertising giants.

Here is a list of their notable accomplishments:

George Lois: Lois is best known for designing 92+ Esquire magazine covers (1962-1972), Tommy Hilfiger

Mary Wells Lawrence: Known for her ad campaign for Braniff International Airways: The End of the Plain Plane. She also founded Wells Rich Greene, ad agency with clients including Proctor & Gamble, Pan American World Airways, Sheraton Hotel and Resorts, etc.

Dan Wieden: Co-founded Wieden + Kennedy, coined Nike tagline “Just Do It.”

Lee Clow: Co-created Apple Computer’s 1984  commercial for Apple Macintosh launch. “Think Different” slogan, 60-second TV spot, considered a masterpiece in advertising. Also worked on Playstation, Energizer Bunny, etc.

Hal Riney: Voiceover for “Morning in America” and “Bear in the Woods” TV commercials for Ronald Reagan Presidential re-election 1984 campaign. Founded Hal Riney & Partners in 1977, ad agency known for HP and Saturn.