Madeleine Candioty, Christine Bumatay, Lily Liu, Yuhua Wang, Grant Arakelian

Professor Arriola

340 Final Project

March 27, 2017

Creative Brief:

Name of Organization: United We Eat  

Name of campaign: Home Sweet Home

Tagline: Our Sweet Land of Liberty.

Colors: red, white, blue


Due to the current political distress in our nation, we are creating a PSA using America’s gastronomic culture, specifically multicultural desserts, as a way to symbolize the many different ethnicities and walks of life that can thrive together in the USA. By utilizing all of these different types of desserts eaten and accepted by all types of Americans, we are hoping to prove to ourselves and other nations that our country can tastefully come together.


In the last few years, America has experienced a large amount of distress due to both social and political issues such as police brutality, racial and sexual discrimination, wage gaps, and a violent resurgence in anti-minority culture which arose from the most recent election. Our team has decided to use the many multicultural dessert choices in America to symbolize the bountiful number of races, religions, and lifestyles that can cohesively thrive in America’s melting pot.


We would like to advertise or campaign through magazine ads, social media- facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube ads, billboards, and posters. Also, target Millennial/younger media i.e. Vox, BuzzFeed, etc


The role of  advertising is to raise awareness to the citizens of the United States, as well as other countries, that all types of people- people of different races, religions, gender preferences, sexual preferences, political parties, etc.- are all welcomed and deserve equal treatment in our nation. Our campaign hopes to promote equality and equal opportunities in the U.S. and mend our reputation, too.


  • Target audiences: everyone who eats, who likes to eat (foodies)
  • Newborns-100+
  • Every ethnicity
  • Every skin color
  • Every eye color
  • Every hair color
  • Every gender
  • It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you eat, you are our target audience.

Currently Think:

Currently, Americans believe that our nation is heading towards a downward spiral. Discrimination of all types is at an all time high and  fiscal, political, and other social issues are turning citizens against each other. The rest of the world sees these problems, too. Other countries that once thought America was the strongest and most powerful nation in the world are beginning to worry for us while others have begun cutting ties.

On the sociopolitical landscape, presidents and prime ministers such as Theresa May and Angela Merkel have met with Mr. Trump and tried to create a bond — some have succeeded while others haven’t. Mr. Trump’s erratic and inconsistent behavior has affected US economic implications.

Compelling Idea:

Our SWEET Land of Liberty. We’re promoting equality through “sweetness” so that everyone could consider America their home. Concurrently, we are expanding on a well known American slogan that fits our campaign and promotes liberty for all types of people.

Will Think:

After being exposed to the advertising, consumers will begin to think with a more open mind. Hopefully, consumers will see that as Americans, we are all in this together and we need to accept each other, no matter what the circumstances are. By seeing the cohesiveness of the different types of desserts together, viewers will realize that multicultural preferences are what make this country great.


Emotional and a bit fun. Plays on our hunger. Food = fun, neutral, ubiquitous



“To break bread together,” a phrase as old as the Bible, captures the power of a meal to forge relationships, bury anger, provoke laughter.”


Breaking bread together is a way to remove barriers and helps us explore new cultures and build stronger relationships when we socialise. The Mediterranean lifestyle, for example, focuses on sharing meals with the people you love, whether it’s just to catch-up over a simple dinner or partaking in a massive celebration. It’s believed to lead to a much happier, healthier life.


It brings people of all ages, conditions and social classes together, aiming not only to eat but to share knowledge, culture and mutual respect. This is a chance to have your elders pass on their stories to your children, and for your family to meet people outside the nucleus, such as friends and neighbours.