Bonjour, Kamusta, Good day, Hello, beautiful reader. 

thisgirlchristine  began  the  day  I  decided  to  inspire  others  through  the  arts.  I  noticed  throughout  the writing   process, however,   that  art  is  ubiquitous,  so  what  started  off  as  a  literature  and  music  blog  became  a  wide- array-of-interests  type  of  blog.  Other  websites  consist  of  themes,  and  I  have  been  contemplating  for  a  very  long  while  what  this  website  was  going  to  be  about.  I  have  not  come  to  a  conclusion  with  a  specific  theme,  yet  the  idea  of  inspiring  others  through  music,  food,  literature,  and  photography  keeps  me  grounded  and  humble.  Every  single  like,  follow,  and  comment  brings  a  smile  to  my  face  because  I  know  that  I  have  caught  the  interest  of  another  human  being  through  my  writing.

If  you  did  expect  a  biography  on  this  page,  it  won’t  be  here  because  my  life  is  as  long  as  a  Dickens  novel. However,   here  are  5  things  people  rarely  know/should  be  aware  of  if  they are  to  follow  me  on  this  journey:

1. I  speak 4 languages.

2. My water is GREEN TEA.

3. I have been a musician since I was three years old.

4. I’m about to graduate!


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There  are  moments  in  life  where  I  decided  to  take  a  leap.

This  is  one  of  them,  and  I  hope  you  read,  laugh,  inspire,  hope,

cry,  fan-girl,  and  love  the  subjects  I  write  about   as  much  as  I  do.

Thank  you  for  reading. Remember  to  smile,  always.