Bay to L.A.


Through my Kaleidoscope

It was that kind of day.

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The Artist (?) at work

I will never claim to being an artist, but painting is a beautiful hobby in which all of humankind should engage in.

The Girls of Summer

Such a beautiful California day.

La Parisienne

I finally painted again, and this is the very first painting that I’ve created in years. Hope you guys enjoy it! See bio for inquiries ­čÖé copyrights Christine B.,

More than Starbucks and Grey’s Anatomy


The Emerald City is a magical place where a plethora of impossible things become possible, or as Barney Stinson pens it, “possimpible”. It is a literally-driven city, culturally diverse yet right-at-home at the same time. Its beautiful sanctuaries, arboretums, and gardens perfectly balance out the urban neighborhoods and coffee shops. The next few posts will be about this harmonious niche of a city, and I hope you enjoy. ­čÖé

My Top 5 Favorite Things About Seattle (so far)

1. Starbucks at every corner, every block, every street, every avenue, every boulevard, and every parkway. That is all.

2. The weather reminds me of back when I used to live in the United Kingdom; rain in July reminds me of springtime in London.

3. The┬ácoffee hype┬áexceeds all expectations. You can literally taste how the barista ground the coffee beans, and there are differences between each coffee shop. I think I’ve been on a coffee high ever since I got here. ­čśŤ┬áImage

4. I enjoyed the┬ádiverse neighborhoods.┬áThere were exotic areas in the city; however, they were not┬átoo┬áeccentric that I had to leave and get 86’d out of there.

5. The intelligence of each human being that I had encountered on my stay here was beyond belief. I learned so many things from each person, from history, to how coffee beans were handled, all the way to how one would go about making vegetable dust.

So, join me in this chapter of my summer! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



Good morning, indie hipsters.

My sister lives in Germany, and she has gone on vacation in Sylt. She took this photo, yet the editing is all mine.


Indie Rooms

Of course, renovation calls for a wallpaper-esque photo.


“If we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.” – Cecelia Ahern, P.S. I Love You


I took this two days ago on a beautiful day by the beach. The boy had no idea I was taking a photo of him, which I think made this photo the way it is.

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